• Description: Chartbeat provides real-time analytics, insights, and transformative tools for content teams around the world, helping to improve audience engagement, inform editorial decisions, and increase content loyalty.
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Content Analytics and Insights for Digital Publishing with Chartbeat

Chartbeat is an advanced platform designed to help content teams unlock the full potential of their data, enabling them to grow their audience through insightful actions and decisions. By delivering real-time analytics, insights, and transformative tools, Chartbeat stands out as a powerful software for improving audience engagement, informing editorial choices, and increasing content loyalty.


Chartbeat offers a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for content publishing and analysis. It’s built to monitor, optimize, and measure content performance in real-time, providing content teams with the insights needed to make data-driven decisions. The platform is trusted by thousands of content teams globally, offering a unique blend of real-time data analytics and editorial intelligence.


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Chartbeat does not publicly disclose detailed pricing information on their website, indicating that pricing is likely tailored to the specific needs and scale of each content team. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out directly to Chartbeat for customized pricing plans.

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