• Description: Matomo is a powerful web analytics platform that offers 100% data ownership and privacy, positioning itself as the ethical alternative to Google Analytics. It provides detailed insights into website performance, user behavior, and enhances privacy without compromising on functionality.
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Matomo: The Privacy-Focused Google Analytics Alternative

Matomo is heralded as a robust web analytics platform that prioritizes data privacy and ownership. Distinguished by its stance against the normative data handling practices of giants like Google Analytics, Matomo offers a comprehensive suite of analytics tools without compromising user privacy.


Matomo, formerly known as Piwik, positions itself as the ethical alternative to Google Analytics. It is designed to provide website owners and digital marketers with detailed insights into their website’s performance while ensuring that the data collected is fully owned and controlled by them. This approach not only champions privacy but also aligns with global data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.


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Matomo offers various pricing tiers, including a free version for self-hosted installations. For those preferring cloud-hosted solutions, Matomo Cloud’s pricing is based on the volume of traffic (number of page views) your site receives. Detailed pricing information can be found on their official website at Matomo Pricing.

By choosing Matomo, businesses and individuals can leverage powerful analytics capabilities without sacrificing privacy and data ownership. It stands as a testament to the possibility of ethical data management in the digital age.

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