Piwik PRO Analytics Suite
  • Description: A flexible analytics suite for marketers and analysts that lets you respect user privacy every step of the way. It provides comprehensive tools for web and mobile analytics, tag management, data activation, and privacy compliance, ensuring global regulatory adherence.
  • Tags: analytics, privacy compliance, tag management, data activation
  • Website: https://piwik.pro/
  • Pricing page: https://piwik.pro/pricing

Piwik PRO Analytics Suite: A Comprehensive Overview

Piwik PRO offers a privacy-focused analytics suite designed for modern businesses. This platform provides a range of tools to help organizations collect, analyze, and act upon data while ensuring compliance with global privacy laws like GDPR, HIPAA, TTDSG, and more.


Piwik PRO Analytics Suite is tailored for enterprises requiring a comprehensive analytics solution that respects user privacy at every step. It’s built to accommodate the needs of various teams through an intuitive interface, customizable reporting, and a robust backend, ensuring access to raw data for in-depth analysis.


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Pricing details for Piwik PRO Analytics Suite are not provided directly on their website, indicating that it likely offers customized pricing based on the specific needs and scale of an organization. For accurate pricing, potential users are encouraged to contact Piwik PRO directly.

For further details on Piwik PRO and its offerings, visit their official website at Piwik PRO.