Plausible Analytics
  • Description: Plausible is a lightweight and open-source Google Analytics alternative. Your website data is 100% yours and the privacy of your visitors is respected.
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Plausible Analytics: A Privacy-Friendly Google Analytics Alternative


Plausible Analytics offers a simple, powerful, and lightweight alternative to Google Analytics. With its focus on privacy and sustainability, Plausible is designed to be easy to understand, quick to load, and respectful of user privacy. Unlike Google Analytics, Plausible does not use cookies or collect personal data, making it GDPR-compliant without the need for cookie banners.


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Plausible offers transparent pricing based on the number of pageviews, with plans suitable for websites of all sizes. The focus is on affordability and value, sustaining the project through subscriber fees without relying on advertising revenue. For specific pricing details, visit the Plausible website.