TelemetryDeck App Analytics
  • Description: Helping developers improve their apps with immediate, accurate, and private analytics. TelemetryDeck offers detailed information about app usage, including app version, device type, platform, and distribution mechanism, with customizable signal types and metadata payloads for comprehensive analytics.
  • Tags: app analytics, developer tools, real-time data, user privacy
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TelemetryDeck: Revolutionizing App Analytics for Developers

TelemetryDeck is an innovative analytics platform designed to help developers gain immediate, accurate, and privacy-focused insights into their app’s performance. By leveraging TelemetryDeck, developers can make informed decisions to enhance user experience and boost app success.


TelemetryDeck offers a unique approach to app analytics by allowing developers to customize the types of signals and metadata payloads they collect. This flexibility ensures that only relevant information is gathered, ranging from app version and device type to platform and distribution mechanism details. With TelemetryDeck, you have the power to tailor your analytics to meet the specific needs of your app.


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While the specific pricing details for TelemetryDeck were not provided, it’s common for platforms like these to offer a range of options from a free tier with basic features to paid subscriptions that unlock more advanced analytics and capabilities. Developers are encouraged to visit the TelemetryDeck website for the most current pricing information and to explore which plan best suits their app’s needs.

TelemetryDeck is paving the way for a new era of app analytics, where developers can harness the power of customized, real-time data without compromising user privacy. Whether you’re looking to improve app performance, user experience, or both, TelemetryDeck provides the tools you need to succeed.