Wide Angle Analytics
  • Description: Wide Angle Analytics is a privacy-friendly and GDPR compliant web analytics platform that offers a comprehensive analysis of web traffic without the need for cookie banners. It provides detailed insights into user behavior, enabling businesses to understand and optimize their website performance without compromising on privacy.
  • Tags: Web Analytics, Privacy-Friendly, GDPR Compliant, Cookieless Tracking
  • Website: https://wideangle.co/
  • Pricing page: https://wideangle.co/pricing

Wide Angle Analytics: A Comprehensive Review

Wide Angle Analytics presents itself as a privacy-focused alternative to traditional web analytics platforms, emphasizing ease of use and comprehensive data analysis without the need for cookie banners. This SEO-optimized article will delve into the features, advantages, disadvantages, and pricing of Wide Angle Analytics, providing a thorough overview of what users can expect from this service.


Wide Angle Analytics offers a solution that analyzes 100% of website traffic while ensuring user privacy. By ditching the cookie banner, it provides a complete view of your website’s visitors. This approach not only respects privacy regulations like GDPR but also addresses the increasing blockage of traditional analytics by ad blockers and privacy tools.


Pros and Cons



In conclusion, Wide Angle Analytics positions itself as a robust, privacy-first web analytics tool that caters to the needs of businesses looking to understand their website traffic without compromising on user privacy. With its GDPR compliance and user-friendly interface, it offers a compelling alternative for those seeking to move away from traditional analytics platforms.